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Tuesday August 22nd 2017



The Four Rules of Engagement: How to Create Trade Show Communication That Works

You’re a company that needs to communicate your messages to an audience. These messages are key to achieving your business goals and increasing profitability. So how do you ensure that your audience listens to your story? Take a lesson from the movies!

Theater is about telling stories. If you have doubts, look at the big films of 2010! The King’s Speech, Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception, The Kids Are All Right and most of the rest built their success around stories that were entertaining and engaging. Sure, other movies threw money at computer The 4 Rules of Trade Show Presentationsgraphics and special effects instead; sometimes it worked, but most of the time it didn’t.

At Fratelli Bologna, we use the power of theater to tell your story. Whether it’s a trade show presentation, a sales meeting, executive presentation or a training event, we have four steadfast rules to engage an audience:

1. Capture your audience’s attention right away … and hold onto it.
Many of our founders trained in theater communications and even worked  as San Francisco street performers.  We know how to attract an audience. We know how to tell a story. We know what it takes to keep an audience engaged.

2. Build your story around “what’s in it for them.”
What a company says is not important. What an audience hears is. That’s why typical corporate marketing messaging won’t work — it’s based on what the company wants, not what the audience wants. We are masters at taking the audience’s point of view and building your story around them.

3. Be real. The audience can tell when you’re not.
When someone builds their marketing messages by stacking cliché on top of cliché, you stop listening. Audiences respond to reality, honesty, authenticity.

4. Turn passive listeners into active participants.
Monologs are okay. Dialogs are better. Involving the audience in the story in an engaging way is great theater. When the audience is involved in a presentation, they create a strong foundation on which to build your business messaging. Telling them that 1 + 1 = 2 isn’t as good as showing them 1 + 1 and letting them help build the answer of 2. That way they own the answer; they’re part of the story, not just onlookers.

We know these rules of engagement. We’ve demonstrated proven results to companies like HP, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Global Business Network and Ernst & Young.

We can make them work for you.

Contact us at william-at-fratellibologna.com

About: William Hall:
William Hall is an actor, trainer and improviser living in San Francisco, CA. He works with companies to engage and involve audiences at Trade Shows, Conferences and Training Sessions. He is a founder of BATS Improv and the author of The Playbook: Improv Games for Performers.