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Tuesday August 22nd 2017



Travel Tips: Don’t leave home unless you ….

Do you travel?  What tips do you use to keep the fight-or-flight to a minimum?

Here are my top 2 tips for the plane:

  1. Men, remove the wallet from your back hip pocket.  Sitting on that lump of cards and currency can cause hip displacement.
  2.  Pick up a small squeeze bottle of saline solution.  The air on the plane is horribly dry and the moisture will make the tip more pleasant.


Top 2 tips for the Hotel:

  1. Use your camera phone to take a picture of the room number.  If you travel often for work you may not remember your room number….and asking at the front desk is definitely a rookie mistake.
  2. Put a clothespin in your toiletry bag.  Use it to clip the curtains together.  Hotels are designed to put the morning light directly into your eyes.

International Travel:

  1. Photocopy or take a photo of your passport, credit cards (both sides) and drivers licensee and put someplace accessible via the web.  Send it to a yahoo/gmail/hotmail account you use only as web mail or use an online storage service (like dropbox).  If your documents get lost or stolen you’ll be able to get to an internet cafe and retrieve the information.
About: William Hall:
William Hall is an actor, trainer and improviser living in San Francisco, CA. He works with companies to engage and involve audiences at Trade Shows, Conferences and Training Sessions. He is a founder of BATS Improv and the author of The Playbook: Improv Games for Performers.