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Tuesday August 22nd 2017



Have A Super Time at the Big Game! You can bet on it.

Super Bowl Silly Bets

Sometimes the super game doesn’t match the hype of being super.  What do you do?  You can still enjoy the game with a few friendly wagers.  This tally sheet will help you enjoy the game even if you don’t care about the game.

How to get the Fun Super Bets Document

  •  Click the link below or the image to the right (Note: download removed until next year.)
  •  Print as many as you need for you and your friends
  •  I recommend you print it out double sided – it’s only 2 pages
  •  Keep score… or not
  •  Have fun
  •  Let me know how it worked for you and your group.

[download removed until next year]

Team effort

Thanks to everyone who helped me with the project:

  • Carla Hatley
  • Tom Greensmith
  • Martin Ganapoler
  • Joshua Raoul Brody
  • Mary Dilts
  • Calvin Ku Kai
  • Bob Hall iii
  • Mark Hall
  • Sean Hill (who inspired it)
  • Send me your contributions for next year’s Silly Super Bets

Note:  This really is my 7th year of putting together these silly bets.  Fun Stuff.


About: William Hall:
William Hall is an actor, trainer and improviser living in San Francisco, CA. He works with companies to engage and involve audiences at Trade Shows, Conferences and Training Sessions. He is a founder of BATS Improv and the author of The Playbook: Improv Games for Performers.