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Tuesday August 22nd 2017



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Real or fake?

Would you buy it?  I suspect that it’s fake…because I can’t find a place to order it.  It reminds me of the comic work of my talented friends in the comedy group Kasper Hauser and their book SkyMaul.  What do you think, real product or fake?

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Puppy Tweets

Shouldn’t everyone tweet?  Why leave Fido out of the social media craze?

And yes this is a real product.  It’s made by Mattel.  Now that’s good.

The packaging says, “Get actual tweets from your dog!”

Sample tweets on the packaging:

“can we get some sparking water for the toilet bowl?”

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This could be real or “Shopped” (altered or created with PhotoShop) but it does reflect a shift in the culture.

Why look for a phone booth to call a person when you can look for a twitter booth and send a short message to everyone?

But doesn’t anyone who tweets also have a mobile phone?

Anyway you look at it….things have changed.

My challenge:  embrace it.

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