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Tuesday August 22nd 2017



Our History

Photos and Stories about the past.

There is an old African saying “The wake doesn’t drive the boat”.

Our destiny is in our own hands.  However it is also true that our vision of the future is shaped by our experience.

The Joker has always been our symbol.

Fratelli Bologna (Fra-TELL-ee Bow-LOAN-ya)
Italian for “Bologna Brothers

Who We Are

Fratelli Bologna – the business theater people. We employ the power of theater to communicate your story and engage audiences at Trade Show, corporate meeting and training session.

The Fratelli Bologna family includes some of the top improvisers, actors, directors, producers, writers and facilitators in North America.

Our expertise is in comedy, improvisation and interactive training. Our job is to collaborate with your team to develop and design programs that connect with your audience, intellectually and emotionally.

As trade show specialists, we know the stakes are high and the need to engage an audience – crucial. For companies such as Hewlett Packard, Oracle and many other innovative companies we have been a perfect fit. They all have discovered how Fratelli Bologna can give their message more impact…and keep the drama on the stage.

How We Got Here [The History]

Recently we’ve:
Brought Agility and Story to Everyone

Our work in thinking like an improviser has been a perfect fit for a work force that relies on adaptability. Collaboration is at the heart of successful teams. Storytelling is the way to get messages past the head and into the heart. The ability to move quickly is the only way to survive in this fast-changing business climate.

Before that we…

Brought Theater to Trade Shows

The high stakes of trade shows and the need to engage audiences became a perfect fit for us. For Hewlett Packard, Oracle and many other innovative companies, we continue to develop creative ideas and deliver presentations that get attention and tell the story.

Before that we…

Were the Theater-in-Residence at The Idea Factory

We served as Theater in Residence for The Idea Factory, based in San Francisco and run by innovator Dr. John Kao. We created interactive theatrical events using masks, improvisation and strong characterization. With Dr. Kao, we traveled around the world engaging audiences in conversations. At The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, we told the story of innovation in multinational  leadership communications.

Before that we…

Brought our engaging theater to The Corporate World

We soon attracted the attention of consulting group Global Business Network (GBN) and began to bring a personal, theatrical element to their meetings. This lead to more work bringing interactive activities and theatrical interventions to corporate meetings and events.

Before that we…

Found the joy of Improv and were the driving force behind the creation of BATS Improv

Back in the Bay Area, Fratelli Bologna joined other gifted artists and created BATS Improv, the largest improv company in San Francisco. We began to perform and teach improvisation.

Before that we…

Learned that our strong Characters Attract Attention
Our unforgettable characters were a favorite at local events, including The Black & White Ball, Sonoma Wine Auction, April Fool’s Parades and Bay to Breakers. We were eventually hired by the Walt Disney Company to create characters, write scripts and perform at Disneyland in Anaheim. We worked there for several years, creating more characters, casting additional interactive teams and finally realizing that, despite how happy Disneyland was, our future was not in theme park entertainment.

Before that we…

Theater Award

As a four-man group, The Bologna Brothers began writing and producing original comedy and events in San Francisco. Our original play, “The Weber Family Christmas” was a seasonal favorite and is still performed by other theater companies. We were recognized for our contribution to the San Francisco theater scene with a Drama-Logue Award.

Original Shows written, produced and performed:

  • The Big Fall Show
  • The Big Fall Show Goes To The Beach
  • In Over Their Heads
  • To Get to The Other Side
  • Weber Family Christmas
  • Media, An Ancient Greek Travesty

Before that we…

Worked in Feature Films
Our bold physical comedy and engaging characters drew the attention of casting directors and we were cast as “The Permanent Press Corps” in Philip Kaufman’s film based on Tom Wolfe’s book The Right Stuff.

Before that we…

Created Mayhem at The Renaissance Pleasure Faire

In 1981, a group of seven men got together to perform the Italian masked comedies of the Commedia Dell’Arte on the main stage of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Novato, California. I Fratelli Bologna (The Bologna Brothers) was so successful at engaging audience that we were hired to train all the street performers at the faire.

From I Fratelli Bologna through The Bologna Brothers to (just plain) Fratelli Bologna, our basic energy has remained the same. We create theatrically-rich, socially-engaging, slightly-irreverent original theater that is authentic and powerful. Whether we’re on the streets of San Francisco or the stage of a corporate sales meeting, we engage our audience and motivate them to achieve your objectives.

Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “Our History”

  1. Jacques Bruno Tate says:

    This is a great website. It’s fun and you learn something. These guys put the mystique in domestique…or was that mesquite? Anyway, they are always welcome at my barbeque. Thanks for my memory.

  2. Mike says:

    For a trivia contest TONIGHT: What was in the Weber’s Cup of Christmas?

  3. Bob Hudson says:

    I wish that I would have been aware of your troupe when I was a DJ at 97FM KRQR “the rocker” at one embarcadero in San Francisco.

    I was watching The Right Stuff for, perhaps, the 20th time and I love to read end credits. When I saw the name I Fratelli Bologna, my first thought was “This is like the stage name Rainor Shine”

    But I went to this site and was totally knocked out by your idea to merge theater with the corporate business world.

    Nowadays I live outside St Louis and hope I can see you in action sometime.

    Your newest (and at 58 years of age) your oldest fan
    bob hudson
    ps Keep up the great work

  4. MikeyV says:

    The Weber Family Cup of Christmas contains:

    mashed potatoes
    cranberry sauce

    ina 1 ounce paper cup.

    I had so much fun at the Weber Family Christmas, and also the Weber Christmas dinner. Wavy Gravy was there one year!

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